Something small

Tutoring is something small that has great results

“It started with something small.” Last week, in our Daily Herald article, Jim Evans (former mayor of Orem, COO of Xactware, and member of United Way of Utah County’s Board of Directors) described the impact that something small can have on the community. Xactware is known for its community engagement, and great things are happening because its employees are getting involved.

Happy holiday reads!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is spending time with family members. Occasionally, my family will go out and do something festive like pick out a Christmas tree or drive around the neighborhood looking at everyone’s decorations. But most of the time, we like to stay home by the fire and watch movies, play games, or read together. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with blankets and hot chocolate and listening to a great story! This Christmas, why not check out a few of these great reads to add to your family’s list of holiday traditions?

Giving thanks

It seems like each year at Thanksgiving, everyone is grateful for the same things. At my family dinners, everyone goes around and says what they are thankful for, and usually the top contenders are family, shelter, and food—the basic necessities of life. Those things are important, and we should always express gratitude for them. But this year, why not mix things up a bit and think about some other gifts that are equally important? One thing that I’m grateful for this year is the gift of reading.

Picking favorites

“What’s your favorite book?” This is a question that most of us get all the time, and it’s one that I’ve never known how to answer. There are so many great and good and interesting books out there; how could I possibly pick just one favorite? Sometimes I list my top five or top three, sometimes I dodge the bullet by naming my favorite genre of books, and sometimes I avoid answering the question altogether. The best response to this question, though, came from the very wise, very adorable, four-year-old daughter of my cousin.

Dyslexia: My Story

Today's EveryDay Learners blog post comes from one of our amazing staff members!

Triumph during Testing Season

October is one of my favorite months. I love the changing seasons and the cooler weather, and you can’t beat the fall scenery in Utah County! But when you are in school, October is often stressful. Sure, you have Halloween to look forward to, but you also face standardized tests, unit exams, and midterms. Here are a few test-taking tips to help you and your students excel this October! If you have your own useful test-taking strategy to share, be sure to let us know!

Extra! Extra! Local youth triumph at storytelling festival

What is the best story you ever heard? For Parker Burnham, Tashara Muhlestein, Claire Westcott, Gentrie Bradford, and Caleb and Lily Walker that question is an impossible one to answer. These six outstanding Utah County students participated with twenty other youth tellers in this year’s Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, performing their stories in front of hundreds of audience members. I spoke with these six tellers and their families recently and got the inside scoop from each of them on the trials and triumphs of storytelling.

What's the big deal about family stories?

“The stories we have are so valuable.” Susan Howe, poet and professor of English at Brigham Young University, spoke with me recently about the importance of sharing family stories with each other. One thing she said really stuck out to me: “The only way we are able to share and understand other people’s experiences is through a narrative of those experiences.”  This concept really only made sense to me after an experience I had several years ago where I learned to value the stories from my own family.

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