Kiki's story

      There are lots of ways to give your time and to make a difference. Kiersten Knobloch of Provo, Utah discovered that you don’t have to commit to an extensive volunteer program to play an important role in someone’s life. When Kiersten’s friend Nathan told her that his sister Sarah was coming down for the weekend and that he wanted Kiersten to be a friend to Sarah, Kiersten jumped at the chance.

Kiersten and her fiance, Trevor
Overcoming challenges
      Twelve-year-old Sarah had been having some struggles in school, and Kiersten was really looking foward to spending time with her. She hoped to give Sarah a reason to be excited about growing up and eventually coming to college. Kiersten wasn’t sure what to expect, but the weekend ended up being a blast--they went swimming, stayed up way too late talking, and danced to Disney music.
Growing together      
     Kiersten said it was neat to be put in that mindset of caring for another person, to take time off of her normal student life and just play. Sarah seemed to love being with Kiersten too--her brother Nathan said that when they came home for lunch, Sarah grabbed the fastest option she could find just so she could hurry back to spend time with Kiersten.
You can make a difference too      
     Like Kiersten, you may feel that you don’t have time to commit to huge, weekly projects. Luckily, there is a solution! United Way of Utah County is looking for individuals who want to make education a priority in their lives and inviting them commit to being what we call an EveryDay Learner.
     Just by committing to be an EveryDay Learner, you are building momentum in Utah County and inspiring others to make education a priority in their lives. And by counting yourself as an EveryDay Learner, like Kiersten, you can make a difference in small but meaningful ways.