Susannah's story

     Sometimes the thing you are most worried about is much easier and more fun that you ever would have expected. That was what Susannah Crump, from Lehi, Utah, discovered, when she decided to become a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

     Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a mentoring organization that matches adults with a child who needs special support. Susannah first heard about it from a friend who said that the organization was in desperate need of more mentors, especially female mentors. Susannah was worried, of course, about a lot of things: that she wouldn’t be brave enough for it, that it would be harder than she could handle and she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to commit for a whole year or be able to find enough time to do it every week. But she promised herself that she would sign up.
     Unfortunately, the process to getting matched with her “Little” was more difficult than she had expected. Mostly, it just took a lot longer than she had hoped for or expected. While she was waiting, the thought did cross her mind to give up.
     But all of that frustration changed when she met Sarah, her assigned Little. At just five foot tall, skinny as a rail and a ton of freckles, Sarah was super cute. The first time they met, Susannah biked to her house where they drew with chalk and made some murals. Susannah quickly discovered how much they have in common: Sarah loved arts and crafts, and Susannah, with a minor in art, does too. They were quickly able to find fun things to do and start building a great relationship.
     “You know, I’m braver than I thought,” Susannah said, smiling. “I enjoy forming this bond with this little kid. This experience has helped me learn how to be a lot more responsible. You’re going into a stranger’s home. They have a lot of problems. That takes a certain amount of courage. But I’m better than I thought I was at talking to 10 year olds.”
     Sarah needs Susannah, too; she needs help building up trust, and she needs Susannah’s support to help overcome some things in her life that were more than she could handle on her own. In the end, Susannah said she wishes she hadn’t listened to all her worries, and just signed up sooner. The experience has helped her become the kind of person she wants to be: someone who makes life better for others.