Stories from Utah County

Thousands of people's lives have been changed by volunteering and by taking an active hand in education. Looking for inspiration? Start here.  Click here if you would like to share your story!

Read Susannah's story
Starting out as a mentor can seem daunting and more complicated than you expected. But as Susannah's story as a mentor shows, perseverance pays off in the long run.

Read Kiki's story
You don't have to take on a giant project or commit to long hours to make a difference. This is a story of how a little effort went a long way.

Read Amanda's story
The people who need help the most are often in the most challenging situations. But it's the hardest challenge that leads to the greatest victories.

Read Stella's story
As Stella's story shows, being an EveryDay Learner can be a way to take a meaningful break from the hecticness of your life, and just enjoy helping another person.