Giving before getting

The holiday season is finally here! December is usually a pretty stressful month for me, as it is for most people, but this year seems to be going surprisingly smoothly. Maybe it’s because I no longer have finals to worry about, or maybe it’s because I finally caved in and did all my Christmas shopping online on Cyber Monday. Maybe it’s because of both. Anyway, this year I think I’ll finally be able to take time to think about how I can give back to others (which is something that I should do every year, but that I haven’t always made a priority). Luckily for me, this year I won’t have to think very hard in order to find a way to help my community! 

For people like me who have some spare shopping time this month, Sub for Santa is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a local family. Last year, the Sub for Santa program provided Christmas gifts to 1,400 families in Utah County, thanks to generous sponsors. This year, you can sponsor a family and give a Christmas that the recipients will never forget! Even if helping a whole family is a bit beyond the budget this year, you can still provide Christmas gifts for children and other individuals in our community through the Angel Tree program.  Pick a name and provide some gifts; it’s that simple. But if your schedule is anything like mine was last year, you may not have time to do any extra shopping at all, no matter how simple. Don’t worry! You can still support the Sub for Santa program—and start a new Christmas tradition at the same time! This year, Provo City has produced a new Christmas album and all the songs are from local artists. If that weren’t cool enough, all of the proceeds from the album sales go to support Sub for Santa! It’s a win-win for everyone!  Seriously, though; I got my copy last week, and it is excellent.

And guess what else? This year, EveryDay Learners is distributing new (not used) children’s books to students in local schools for Christmas. If you want to make sure that the gifts you give this year will make a difference, consider donating some new books to EveryDay Learners before December 15. We’ll make sure that your donation goes to kids who really need it. You can donate as many books or as few books as you want; as long as they are new children’s books, they’ll be fantastic! Pick up a couple extra copies of the picture books you’re getting for your grandkids or the chapter books you’re getting for your brother and spread the book-reading love this season.

This year, there are a ton of ways that we can share some of our abundance with other people in our community. However you decide to give back this year, and however much time you can spend, you will make a difference in the lives of individuals and families who could use some holiday cheer this month. Before getting gifts this year, let’s all give some to others. The getting will be all the sweeter for giving something first.

If you are interested in donating books, send us an email at or call 801-691-5310.