Advocate for Education

You may not have the ability to commit yourself to a volunteer project on a consistent or long-term basis. Fortunately, you can still be involved by advocating for education in your own life and the lives of those you interact with.  There are many things that you can do with your own children, a friend's children or children in your neighborhood or local congregation. For example: 
  • Ask a child what is his/her favorite book
  • Read with your child/grandchild
  • Get to know the kids in your neighborhood
  • Start a homework club in your neighborhood
  • Get involved in your neighborhood school (even if you do not have children)
  • Organize a trip to the library
  • Visit a local museum (BYU’s Bean Museum, Springville Museum of Art and BYU’s Earth Science Museum are great local options)
  • Go on a nature walk down your street
  • Collect bugs in your backyard
  • Make cookies together and talk about measurements
  • Cook a meal and discuss proper nutrition
  • Use dinner time to ask children what they learned about at school that day
  • Go to the grocery store and give your child a calculator to add up the items or ask younger children to identify shapes and colors
  • Start a garden with your children
  • Visit a Born Learning Trail (go here for a list of Born Learning Trails in Utah County)
  • Use sidewalk chalk to play hopscotch
  • Color
  • Write letters to the military or relatives who live out of state
  • Start a family book club by choosing books on the same topic but at different age levels. Discuss the topic as a family
  • Become your child's first and best teacher by utilizing KBYU Eleven's free Ready to Learn program.  Find it here.

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